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don't know what to say right now. I don't really know how or what to feel. All I can say is I really didn't want to leave this morning....
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It's Christmas!!!!

So far I have had a great Christmas. Swin and I spent last weekend together at his apartment before both flying home Sunday evening. He made a candlelight dinner Saturday night before we exchanged gifts and he was all dressed up and looked so handsome (aww he was sooo cute). Anyway we did that and just had an overall great weekend. Did some Christmas shopping for his family together and we each did some cooking for the other's family and our own. He made 2 cheesecakes for my family (my mom absolutely loooves cheesecake). Everyone liked it. And I made a bunch of cinnamon buns for him to take home (even tho I fell asleep while they were baking and Swin had to take them out of the oven...oops). But his family liked those so I was happy. And my grandparents are staying with us for Christmas. Last night we did our usual Christmas Eve....making cookies, singing carols, reading christmas stories, etc....I miss the older Christmas traditions from when I was younger (going to church and lighting candles and driving around Bangor to visit family friends until late at night)...but it just isn't possible anymore because my grandparents are getting so old that it is just too difficult to take them out places.

This morning Kelly dragged me out of bed at 7:00 AM to do the usual stockings from Santa and then everyone ate breakfast and showered before moving on to the the rest of the presents under the tree. And then we had Christmas dinner (ham, potatoes, green beans, and a few other things along with holiday cookies for dessert). This afternoon my uncle and his girlfriend came over and we finished exchanging gifts with them and talking around the fire. They left a couple of hours ago because it started snowing really badly. And we just finished dinner. We have about 4-5 inches of snow now and we're supposed to get a foot!!!! I'm psyched because I want to go sledding with Kelly tomorrow. But she has a basketball game scheduled for tomorrow which I really want to see so hopefully they won't cancel the game.

Anyway Sunday we celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Their's a little tension on that side of the family at the moment but hopefully things will go smoothly. I talked to Swin earlier...I miss him soo much but I know I'll see him in a week and a half. I talk to him everyday but it's not the same. I still miss sleeping next to him and just seeing him and talking to him sometimes. Anyway I have things to be doing. Looks like I'll be shoveling snow tomorrow morning...good thing I like snow.
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What a weekend so far, had an awesome night last night, but today I am sooo tired. Tonight was interesting to say the least...6 of us got kicked out of the Colin Mochrie show...oh well we tried to sneak in....at least we didn't get into trouble. Then we drove over to S lot where one of Todd's roommates started up one of the golf carts here for parents weekend and hr drove away in it. It got parked somewhere over in UC...and then I decided I really needed to do some more studying. Biology is going to be the death of me. I am going to be spending a lot of time studying this week. Anyway, I'm off to bed.
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You are Buttercup from the Princess Bride. You are incredibly beautiful, and your guy would do anything for you. You're a bit simple, but that's okay, you've got a good heart.


lol I love that movie!!! Going to Swin's in a lil bit if all goes well :)....aww what can I say. Anyway going to NYC this weekend..I'm sooo psyched. This week has been amazing. *sighs*
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hot nakedness~

wow lets just say having a place of my own without having to worry about "the guys down the hall" etc...is nice. This morning I definitely ran around the apartment naked and then got chased around the apartment naked by beth with a digital camera!!!!!!!! AAAAnnyway....I have a bee in a jar.

I went to Niagara yesterday with Beth and Todd. Had a few drinks and lost a little money at the casino but it was fun anyway...we had a blast. I love the fact that everywhere we went in the casino they asked to see our ID's...which would not have been a problem excpet that noone there had ever seen a Maine ID before so there were a few instances where I thought I was gonna have to leave. But we had a blast.Classes are good...qhite a few boring lectures..but hey what can ya expect. Although my photo class is awesome. The apartment is great...its HUGE...it's really cute too.

Oh and when Beth and I got moved in our parents met for the first time...what an adventure. We now know why we are so alike...our moms are basically twins separated at birth!!! They were so alike that it scared Beth and I even. They thought alike...they look similar...it was very wierd.

Went bra shopping today...oy I can't believe the prive of bras..I got 2 for almost $50...and they WERE ON SALE!!!! Wow..oh well my boobs look huge what else can I ask for. LOl I am insane.

Beth and I lazed around this morning and watched Save the Last Dance in her room on the computer. Mmmmmmmm and then we had french toast for breakfast again.

Tomorrow my uncle and his girlfriend are coming to visit. We have had something interesting going on every weekend since we got here...casino niagara, rollerblading, kayaking on the bay, sheesh I have been a busy girl. Well now it's time to go do some cleaning around the place...
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I LOVE HOT MEN IN UNIFORM....especially when they hit on me!!!!!

OH my god I got hit on by the hottest guy tonight. He is in the navy and he's 21. I love hot guys. Especially hot guys with muscley arms....sooo hot...sooo sexy. You gotta love it. God I love men in uniform. He was such a flirt. LOL I sold him a $200 pair of sunglasses and after he left my manager asked if I slipped one of our business cards with my name and number on it into his bag...grrr why do I never think of these things until it's too late. Oh well he was soo damn hot and he was totally hitting on my...I love it.
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Georgia Schmeorgia

So I couldn't go to Georgia like I wanted to so badly. I have to work most of the week and I start physical therapy on Friday so it just isn't gonna happen. I think my dad actually realized how upset I am about this last night and he started making all these suggestions, like the idea that I could fly down for my two days off and see some of the tournament and then fly back here to Maine. Umm no, its not worth the money we would have had to spend. So here I sit, alone. Mom remembered to give me some grocery money on their way out, because, like last time, there is no food in this house. I wish I could be there. It's all warm and sunny and humid in Georgia, here it's all foggy and crappy and cold. I hope this changes before the end of the week. I better be able to go lay in the sun and get a little tan before they come back from Georgia looking black. So not fair. And then if they do go far in the tournament I am gonna be bummed that I wasn't there to see it. I dunno, as someone who played softball all my life, until this year, the oportunuty to go to something as huge as this tournament isn't something we pass up happily.

Aside from all that I decided I was going to buy my parents a camcorded and give it to them as their next Christmas present and birthday presents from me. So I went and researched it after work one day and decided which one I was gonna buy. I came home that night and announced my plan and told my dad which one I was gonna buy and which features it had. So he got online and started checking out camcorders on the internet. And what does he do?!?!? He went to Best Buy and bought one...not even the one I had been looking at. And tells me about it when I get home from work the next night. I looked at him and didn't know what to say. I didn't want to see that camera, let alone hear about any of it's features. So I walked out of the room and went upstairs. It was my idea, and I wanted to do it as a present. But I don't think that's why it upsets me so much. I think I'm really bummed because I knew I wasn't gonna be able to go to Georgia, and this was, to me, my consolation. I would choose a camera and send it in my place. To me it was something that I could do and not feel so bad about not being able to go. But dad ruined it. Instead of talking to me about what kind of features he wanted he went out and bought a more expensive one. I told him it was gonna be my surprise and that I had wanted to pay for it. His response naturally, was: well you can still chip in some money. Well hell no, I'm sorry but I was willing to pay $400 for a gift that I was going to choose, that would have suited them just fine. Because he went off and chose a more expensive one that has features that I don't think he needs, then I am not going to pay $400. He can deal. Besides he didn't want me to have anything to do with choosing it so why should I help pay for his new toy. That upset me soooooo much. Maybe I am being ridiculous, but I have reasons for being so upset about it and maybe my explanation sounds ridiculous, but it makes sense to me. So now I'm gonna go to bed. I am here alone and I have noone to talk to so I might as well get another hour of sleep in before I have to get ready for work. A week of standing around dealing with bitchy customers just doesn't seem right compared to a week of sitting in sunny Georgia watching softball games and swimming in the pool. Oh well.
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and they're off......

I just saw 14 girls dressed in pajama pants and mile wide smiles, leave on a bus ride that will last at least 23 hours. These girls are on their way to Georgia. Their coach, dressed in a scuba mask, yellow dishwashing gloves, and flippers, woke everyone up with a little humor. The girls have been calling him SCUBE STEVE (his name is Steve) for weeks now so he finally decided to rent Big Daddy and learn what they were all talking about, today he came in costume. Each girl wrote a little note on the outside of her window in dry-erase marker. And the bus, along with the caravan of vehicles that will follow the bus, is covered with green marker tape, tied anywhere the girls could find a loop, hook, or door handle that it could flap off of. And they're off....off to the National Junior Olympic Softball tournament in Marietta, Georgia. They will be playing against the best of the best. These girls have only been playing together as a team for a month now. Although many have known each other since they started kindergarten, and some of them have played together on assorted town and school softball teams in the past. They will be up against teams from Florida and other warmer states where girls play on travel teams that play year-round. There, softball is life. To be on the team you have to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and devote entire years to your team and your sport. Those teams are good...but our girls think they can handle it. They may not play year-round, or pay thousands of dollars, but these girls have great sportsmanship, and they have heart. They love the coach they have and the team they are playing with. They love each other, and most of all they love their sport.

They don't expect to go far, then again, just getting this far has been a journey filled with surprises and accomplishments. The other tournaments they have won and the practices they have endured is something to be proud of in itself. Just to get to the National tournament is a feat that no team from Maine has ever accomplished. This fact alone makes the girls beam. Hopefully they can come home at the end of the week with a few wins under their belts....I'll just have to wait and see.
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Happy Birthday to Beth!!!!!

Well today is Beth's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Beth, you are no longer a youngin'.... ahahaha. So things have been really crazy here at my house lately. My sister's softball team came in 2nd in the state qualifying them for the New England regional tournament in Pawtucket Rhode Island. They came in 4th in that tournament, qualifying them for the National 14-under softball tournament in Georgia!!!! And so they just got back from Pawtucket this last weekend and next Monday they will be leaving for Georgia!!! I wanna go to sunny Georgia!! The teams all get to go to a Beach party and I wanna go here are the reasons: a)hot guys b)beach party c)SUN!!! d)softball!!!! e)did I mention it's in GEORGIA!!! So I have to work that week. Everyone is telling me to quit my job but I can't do that to the people I work with. Unfortunately I am already scheduled to work 38 hours that week. And its not like I can just drive down for a day and then drive back the next night to work...oh no...from Maine to Georgia is a 22-24 hour drive!!!! Oy. So I am going to qork today to try and work something out with my manager. I am off to sulk somemore and then off to work. Bye.
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